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Types of Gynecomastia

GRADE 1: a localized button of tissue is gathered around the areola. This type is very mild and can be treated without surgery by consuming estrogen-free diet.

GRADE 2: in this type, the tissues exceed the areola boundaries having the edges that are indistinguishable from the chest. It leads to moderate Man breast enlargement. This type may also not require any surgical treatment as its severity level is mild to high.

GRADE 3: in this type, the tissue exceeds the areola boundaries but the edges are clearly distinct from the chest. Also, there is a presence of skin redundancy and you might want to consider Gynecomastia surgery as it can enlarge with time and has a severity level of high and visible.

GRADE 4: in the type, the breasts become overly enlarged and give a feminine look. This type involves feminization of the breast with skin redundancy. Man Boobs surgery is highly recommended as it is severe and visibly feminine.

Are all Breast Enlargement Gynecomastia?

One of the common misconceptions people have is that male breast enlargement is caused due to Gynecomastia or overgrowth of breast tissue.

Gynecomastia can be easily identified by examining the areola. If the tissue growth hovers around the areola, then it can be classified as Gynecomastia. But not all man breast enlargements are caused due to excessive accumulation of breast tissue near areola.

Doctors at VITAL Clinic states that another cause of man boob enlargement is from the excessive buildup of stubborn pectoral fat. Pectoral fat can imitate the visual appearance of Gynecomastia.