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Awake Cosmetic Surgery

Vital Clinic DelhiVITAL CLINIC is a premier cosmetic surgery center devoted to performing cosmetic surgery procedures by the safest and most advanced techniques.

We do all cosmetic surgeries totally under local anaesthesia, following the principles of tumescent anaesthesia as invented by Dr Jeffrey Klein of USA.

Tumescent Awake liposuction was invented by Jeffrey Klein, M.D., a dermatologist in San Juan Capistrano, California. The principles of tumescent awake technique have been incorporated by us in all our cosmetic surgeries like Liposuction, Gynecomastia or Male Breasts, Abdominoplasty, female breast surgeries and similar or related procedures. All these procedures are done totally under local anaesthesia, very safely and satisfactorily.

There are several benefits from Tumescent Awake Technique in different forms of cosmetic surgeries.

  • As the surgery is done totally under local anaesthesia, it eliminates the need for giving general anaesthesia thus there are no potential risks and side effects from general anaesthesia.
  • There is no need for admission in hospital as all procedures are done on an outpatient basis.
  • There is no need for the patient to come fasting for surgery. In fact, most of patients come for surgery after light breakfast at home
  • Cosmetic surgery by tumescent awake technique is practically bloodless. Therefore there is no significant blood loss and recovery from surgery is very quick.
  • As the technique is practically bloodless, chances of blood collection in the operated area are negligible.
  • Patient goes home immediately after surgery as generally there is no need for admission in hospital or nursing home.
  • Return to routine activities is very early and after surgery pain is minimal or insignificant.
  • Tumescent awake technique carries a very high safety profile because of the above mentioned reasons.

We perform following surgeries, among others, totally under local anaesthesia by the awake technique

1. Gynecomastia / male breasts / man-boobs of any size

Male Breast Reduction surgery

2. Liposuction for different areas of the body


3. Female breasts surgeries including

  • Augmentation (increasing the breast size by silicone implants, Gel filled & saline filled
    breast augmentation breast augmentation
  • Reduction –by the traditional methods or by liposuction in selected cases
    breast reduction breast reduction
  • Lift (lifting sagging breasts)
    breast lifting breast lifting
  • Areolar reduction- reducing very large size areola

4.Body Contouring Surgeries after excessive weight loss, sagging abdominal skin folds after deliveries or multiple abdominal surgeries. These are done on Abdomen, arms, thighs, hips and other parts

5. Other cosmetic surgeries

Tumescent awake technique carries a very high safety profile. Patients can come, get the surgery done and go home immediately after surgery