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Get in Shape by Liposuction 'Buns, Bums & Love-hanldes'

JB Ratti

Liposuction by the tumescent technique, totally under local anaesthesia where the patient is awake and conversing throughout the procedure, is unquestionably the safest method of doing body sculpting. More and more men and women are resorting to liposuction as the last resort to get rid of those obstinate, resistant fat deposits. Buns (outer thighs or side-bags), Bums (buttocks or hips) and Love-handles (Iliac rolls) are the prime figure destroyers.

Why it is so difficult to get rid of buns or side bags?

Genetically in some women Buns or side bags have an abnormally large and dense deposition of fat cells and tough strands of fibrous tissue interspersed. This architecture gives them greater density and firmness than the surrounding fat layers. Often buns are like tennis balls or even as big as watermelons! This ‘dense’ nature of buns makes them very resistant to ordinary levels of exercise. They may reduce to some extent by strenuous exercises but are the first to enlarge again whenever some weight gain happens.

Can they be removed by Liposuction totally under local anaesthesia?

Yes, it is possible to remove side bags permanently by tumescent technique of liposuction under local anaesthesia. It takes about two to three hours to remove them and do aesthetic sculpturing of the thighs. A woman can come in the morning after breakfast at home (Not fasting!), get the liposuction done and go home immediately after liposuction! Hardly any follow up is required.

Is it possible to reduce the backward projection of hips and sideways protrusion of ‘love-handles’?

‘Love-handles’ (areas above the hips and lying on the flare of the hip bone) give a wider look to a woman’s middle portion when seen from behind. They appear as if some bags have been kept on the waistline. Hips or bums give ‘backward’ projection to the middle portion of body. Liposuction is very useful in removing ‘bums’ and ‘love-handles’. Shaping of these areas gives a woman great cosmetic satisfaction. In fact, liposuction of these areas gives very pleasing and aesthetically appealing shape to the middle heavy women.

Why it is so important to reduce side bags, hips (buttocks) and love-handles?

This area is the central portion of the body. The beautiful aesthetics of a proportionate body flow upwards towards chest and downwards towards thighs from the hip area. When the middle portion is in shape, the upper and lower portions of the body also appear symmetrical, proportionate and shapely seductive. Appreciations from lookers are spontaneous. However, conversely if the middle portion is heavy and out of shape, the whole beauty of the body is destroyed. There are some interesting terms to describe a body with heavy middle as ‘pear-shape’, ‘violin-shape’ etc. For a beautiful body there should be no protruding buns, bums and love-handles. Liposuction by tumescent technique is a cent percent solution to bring these areas into proper shape. A beautiful proportionate body enhances self confidence and self esteem.

Dr. JB Ratti
Senior cosmetic surgeon
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