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Body Shaping By Liposuction: Heavy In The Middle, Like A Pear!


Shaped like a ‘Pear’ in the middle? Protruding hips, bulging ‘love-handles’ and heavy ‘side-bags’ can destroy any beautiful body! ‘Pear-shape’ in the middle is the worst nightmare of any woman because this is one pear that is most stubborn and just won’t go away. You may do whatever, heavy regular exercises or strict diet control.

What is ‘pear shaped’ bottom?

A ‘pear-shaped’ bottom- heavy patient is one who has a narrow upper body and shapely and slim legs but, is abnormally wide in the middle with protruding hips. The wide middle body contour is usually due to a combination of heavy outer thighs also called, ‘side-bags’, outward bulging ‘love-handles' (iliac rolls) and big protruding hips.

Why some women have this deformity whereas others do not have?

The important thing to remember is that those women, who suffer from this condition, have abnormally high number of fat cells concentrated in these areas by birth. Weight gain causes all these fat cells to swell up and present with heavy bottom or middle heavy body. Whereas in the rest of the body, the fat cells are evenly spread out and therefore other areas of the body do not go out of shape so easily.

Is it possible to reduce the ‘pear-shaped’ bottom with diet control and exercise?

‘Pear-shaped’ middle heavy women need to exercise very regularly, very strenuously like the athletes and control their diet very strictly if they want to reduce these areas by lifestyle management alone. In the process of weight reduction, they may reduce fat from other parts of the body first whereas the ‘pear’ reduces last and with the slightest weight gain, these areas are the first to bulge again. The frustration keeps mounting with no end in sight.

Can Liposuction help reduce the ‘pear’ and bring the middle body into shape?

Liposuction is the only definitive answer to this problem. Liposuction removes the excessive number of fat cells along with the fat deposited in them. Liposuction will reduce the middle heavy body and bring it into proper shape permanently. In fact, this is the only way that this heavy ‘pear shaped’ bottom can be reduced and aesthetically pleasing body contours achieved.

Which is the safest method of liposuction?

There have been some very significant advances in anaesthesia techniques. Body contouring surgery of liposuction can be done totally under local anaesthesia by the tumescent technique. It is also called ‘AWAKE SURGERY’. Patient remains awake and conversing while the surgery is going on. There is no pain or discomfort throughout. Surprisingly, when this surgery is done totally under tumescent local anaesthesia, there is virtually no pain even after the effect of anaesthesia wears off! Liposuction under tumescent local anaesthesia (AWAKE-SURGERY) is the safest and best way of getting rid of middle heavy bottom. Patient remains alert, fully mobile and can go home immediately after surgery. Tumescent technique of local anaesthesia gives exceptional patient safety.

The ‘pears’ should be only for eating and not for deforming the bodies of beautiful women.