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Total Abdominoplasty with Umbilical Translocation

(COMPLETE SURGICAL ‘TUMMY-TUCK’) -totally under local anaesthesia

It is not all the time that a patient needs total Abdominoplasty. In many situations a modified surgery is performed to remove and repair only a limited part of the abdomen skin and fat. Sometimes the navel is not touched and only the lower abdominal skin is removed. At other times, a thorough and aggressive liposuction of the whole abdomen is done which is not the case in the traditional Abdominoplasty. So, the surgery of Abdominoplasty is accordingly named.

Following are the types of Abdominoplasty

  • Total Abdominoplasty with Umbilical Translocation, so called, ‘Surgical-tummy tuck’
  • Extended Abdominoplasty or so called ‘Belt-Lipectomy’
  • Limited (lower) Abdominoplasty
  • Avelar Abdominoplasty
  • Other variations

A brief introduction of the various types of Abdominoplasty is presented here indicating in which case which technique is appropriate.

Total Abdominoplasty with Umbilical Translocation