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Thighplasty & lateral body lift

THIGHPLASTY/THIGH-LIFT is a surgical procedure on the thighs to remove excess and loose skin, tighten the skin on the thighs and give a smooth contoured shape. Excessive weight loss and ageing are the common factors which cause the thigh skin to become loose. A surgical Thigh-Lift is performed to correct these changes. We at VITAL CLINIC are doing this surgery by the safest 'TUMESCENT AWAKE TECHNIQUE', totally under local anesthesia.

Thighplasty is of the following types:

  • Lateral Body Lift or thigh-lift
  • Inner thighplasty
  • Posterior thighplasty

Tumescent Awake Technique: There is exceptional patient safety when THIGHPLASTY is performed by tumescent technique used in liposuction, totally under local anaesthesia and without sedation. Tumescent Technique makes the procedure virtually bloodless and carries a very high safety profile. Patients are awake, well oriented, conversing throughout the procedure and are absolutely free from pain in the postoperative period. Patients are discharged from the clinic after an hour of surgery.

Patients have negligible blood loss during surgery, little or nil postoperative pain, and early healing. They are back to their normal activities within a week. TUMESCENT AWAKE TECHNIQUE introduces a new dimension in patient safety.

Posterior Thighplasty

Picture 1: Before surgery

Picture 2: Excess skin is removed, thighs are tightened. The final incision line falls inside the buttock folds

  • Thighplasty Thighplasty

Lateral Body Lift / lateral thighplasty

Picture 1: Lower back and outer thighs with Excess loose and hanging skin

Picture 2 & 3: Excess skin removed. Nice contour and tightening achieved. Scar is very fine and falls inside the panty line

  • Thighplasty Thighplasty

Abdominoplasty with Lateral Thighplasty or Body Lift

(Hash marked skin was removed to tighten the thighs and waist)

  • Thighplasty Thighplasty Thighplasty Thighplasty