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Total Abdominoplasty with Umbilical Translocation: the awake technique

(COMPLETE SURGICAL ‘TUMMY-TUCK’) -totally under local anaesthesia

The entire abdomen including the iliac rolls (love-handles) is anaesthetized by infiltrating a large volume of standard tumescent fluid. Patient may be given some mild oral tranquilizer to relieve the anxiety related to surgery. Patients are always calm and relaxed because the entire process of tumescent infiltration is completely painless.


Total Abdominoplasty technique Total Abdominoplasty technique

Surgery begins with liposuction of the love-handles and abdomen. How much liposuction is needed, is decided on patient to patient basis.

Bloodless Liposuction of all areas

Total Abdominoplasty technique Total Abdominoplasty technique

Patients are awake and conversant during the surgery. Most of the time they may be sleeping while the surgery is going on. Following video shows whole abdomen liposuction being done in an awake patient.

Once liposuction is complete, navel is separated from the attached skin. Navel is NEVER removed. It is only made free from skin so that the skin above the navel can be brought down while removing excess skin. At a later stage in the surgery, it is brought out again and re-sutured to the skin in its normal anatomical position.

Total Abdominoplasty technique Total Abdominoplasty technique

After this following steps are performed. We are not showing the pictures or videos of these steps as these are very graphic in nature. However, these steps can be seen in our uploaded videos on YouTube. They can also be seen during a consultation at our office.

Total Abdominoplasty technique
  • A long transverse incision is given, one centimeter inside the pubic hair line and process of raising the skin is started.
  • The skin flap is raised right up to the ribs border
  • The whole of released skin is then brought down
  • All excess skin is cut away
  • Loose abdominal muscles are tightened in the midline from pubis right up to the ribs
  • Suction drains are put in which will keep the inside area dry to promote good healing
  • The skin is brought down and sutured low down in the pubic area. The incision line is placed in such a position that it remains well inside the panty line.
  • The navel is brought out again through a small cut in the skin and is stitched to the skin. The navel remains in its normal anatomical position.