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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Breast Lift (mastopexy) - totally under local anaesthesia

Introduction: BREAST LIFT is a cosmetic surgery to lift sagging breasts. Breasts start sagging after multiple child berths, repeated weight gain and weight loss and advancing age. BREAST LIFT is a major surgery designed to lift the breasts, tighten the skin and restore the shape and looks to like before marriage. In fact it is a ‘total reconstruction’ of a firm and lifted breast. The ‘nipple-areola-complex’ is shifted up so that the nipple now faces forward rather than downwards. We at VITAL CLINIC are doing this major surgery by the safest ‘TUMESCENT AWAKE TECHNIQUE’, totally under local anaesthesia.

Breast Lift is done by latest surgical techniques which give minimal scarring

TUMESCENT TECHNIQUE: There is exceptional patient safety when BREAST LIFT is performed by tumescent technique, totally under local anaesthesia and without sedation. Tumescent Technique makes the procedure virtually bloodless and carries a very high safety profile. Patients are awake, well oriented, conversing throughout the procedure and are absolutely free from pain in the postoperative period. Patients are discharged from the clinic after an hour of surgery.

Patients have negligible blood loss during surgery, little or nil postoperative pain, and early healing. They are back to their normal, non-strenuous activities in two to three days. TUMESCENT AWAKE TECHNIQUE has introduced a new dimension in patient safety.


  • Picture 1: A sagging breast before surgery
  • Picture 2: Excess and loose skin-fat removed and mammary glands are tightened and nipple-areola are shifted up
  • Picture 3: After surgery – a lifted firm breast and likely position of scars


Surgery scars are permanent. Initially they are prominent but as time passes, they become less and less visible and after a year or two they become very faint.

SOME RESULTS: Before & After

35 yrs old woman, mother of two children: Breast reduction with breast lift surgery restored her breasts to ‘before marriage’ status. Patient was very satisfied with the results

28 yrs old woman, mother of two children: Breast Lift surgery restored her breasts to ‘before marriage’ status. Patient was very happy with the results