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High Definition Liposuction

Another first from VITAL CLINIC: The Premier Liposuction Clinic in India

High Definition Liposuction

Liposuction is getting popular in India as it is all over the world. Surgeons have described different ways of doing liposuction, each with slight modifications or innovations. However, till date no technique of liposuction comes anywhere near Tumescent Technique in considerations of safety and results. Liposuction was first introduced in France by Ilouz and then he introduced in USA. The popularity of liposuction has increased all over the world ever since. Next advancement in Liposuction came when Dr Jeffrey Klein an American Dermatology surgeon described the Tumescent technique. It has since revolutionized and transformed Liposuction surgery. There is virtually no blood loss and the potential risks of general anaesthesia have been completely eliminated. VITAL CLINIC introduced the classical and true tumescent technique, as described by Dr. Jeffrey Klein, the inventor of Tumescent Technique, for the first time in India in 1999.

High Definition Liposuction

VITAL CLINIC now brings another revolution in Liposuction surgery in India by introducing HIGH DEFINITION LIPOSUCTION© for instant SIX PACKS ABDOMEN in men and TWO PACKS ABDOMEN in women. Some of the most popular film stars in India also seem to have acquired Instant Six Pack Abs Surgery through liposuction.

So, who are the candidates for this surgery?

Ideally the most suitable persons are those who exercise regularly, have good skin tone and have a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

It is a common frustration for gym going young men and women who in spite of regular exercises are not able to get well defined abs ‘biscuits’. HIGH DEFINITION LIPOSUCTION© can now give those cherished SIX PACKS & EIGHT PACKS in men & TWO PACKS in women.

If patients have more fat then they may first undergo Tumescent Liposuction of the abdomen and then get well defined PACKS by HIGH DEFINITION LIPOSUCTION©

Best part is that this highly advanced surgery of HIGH DEFINITION LIPOSUCTION© is being done by Tumescent technique in VITAL CLINIC for high safety and excellent results.

After the procedure thin strips of cotton and gauge are taped down on the operated area for six days as compression dressing. After one week the dressing is changed and a fresh one applied for another week.

A six pack abdomen gives immense satisfaction and motivation towards regular exercise and fitness. These SIX PACKS/TWO PACKS will get better and better as more muscle mass is acquired through regular exercise. This is the power of HIGH DEFINITION LIPOSUCTION©.