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FAQs Male Breasts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

male breastGynecomastia or Male Breasts or so called ‘man-boobs’ develop due to the presence of immature mammary glands in male chest area (in women such glands on maturity produce milk for breast feeding of baby after pregnancy). Following the pattern of breast formation, in the chest area some resistant fat may also get deposited around and between the glands. Below are answers to some of the most common queries we receive from boys suffering from Gynecomastia or from their parents or guardians.


Why do some boys and men develop big breasts like women?

Male Breast results from an imbalance between androgen (male hormone) and oestrogen (female hormone) activity. This development happens at 12-14 years of age. In some boys, there is a fall in male hormone at the time of puberty for a variable period, instead of a rise, for reasons still not known. The female hormones in the body are then unopposed by the male hormones. The visible effect of this is that boys develop mammary glands in their breasts. Once the glands are laid down in the breasts area, they do not regress. As the hormones stabilize, further development of the mammary glands stops. Male Breasts do not develop due to obesity (becoming fat). Obesity only increases the size of the breasts due to more fat deposition between and around the mammary glands.


Are male breasts present only in obese children or adults?

male breastIt is absolutely not true. A large number of boys who suffer from male breasts are in fact slim and athletic with little or no excess fat in their body. In fact many of them exercise regularly. Obesity causes more fat deposition in the breasts between and around the mammary glands. This causes a stretching of the glands inside-out and the breasts become large.


Can these boys get rid of male breasts with diet control and exercise?

male breastIt should be understood that the cause of the male breast or Gynecomastia is formation of mammary glands in the breasts and mammary glands are not fat. Therefore exercise and diet control to reduce body weight has absolutely no effect on male breasts. With exercise some fat will reduce from the breasts and size may reduce to some extent but, they will never come to normal size. We have seen boys and men exercising vigorously for years trying to get rid of breasts thinking that they are due to fat only but, it does not work. An operation to remove these glands is the only treatment option. Even professional body builders will need an operation if they are suffering from Gynecomastia or male breasts problem.


What is the effect of male breasts on the personality of suffering boys?

male breastA large number of boys do not share their male breasts condition with their parents out of shyness. Gynecomastia or Male breasts can cause severe mental tension in boys leading to various unwanted personality disorders like-

  • Withdrawal from friends groups
  • Reluctance to expose their body at swimming pools
  • Loss of interest in family group activities
  • Lose focus in studies
  • Become introvert to the extent that some boys may go into depression as well. Rarely, it may lead to suicidal tendencies.
  • Boys start walking with drooping shoulders in an attempt to hide the chest bulge
  • They stop participating in outdoor sports activities like walks, running, and tennis
  • Their lack of confidence is very obvious in their walk.
  • Some boys start wearing over-sized clothes or tight inner wears to hide male breasts
  • They tend to sleep more on their belly
  • Rarely some boys may develop gay tendencies

Can ‘male-breast’ surgery be done totally under local anaesthesia?

male breastThere have been very significant advancements in anaesthesia techniques. Male breast reduction surgery can be done totally under local anaesthesia by the TUMESCENT AWAKE TECHNIQUE. It is also called ‘AWAKE SURGERY’. Patient remains awake and conversant while the surgery is going on or he may go to sleep. There is no pain or discomfort throughout the surgery. Surprisingly, when this surgery is done under tumescent awake local anaesthesia, there is little pain even after the effect of anaesthesia wears off! An operation under tumescent local anaesthesia (AWAKE-SURGERY) is the safest and best way of getting rid of male breasts. Patient remains alert, fully mobile and can go home immediately after surgery. In fact, as we say, you come for surgery after breakfast at home, get your surgery done and go home to take your lunch!

Tumescent technique of local anaesthesia gives exceptional patient safety.