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Going through a session of IRF

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IRF energies are computerized

  • Every energy pulse gives Intelligent Feedback which provides real time information on skin condition, impedance and the energy delivery in each pulse for consistency and reproducibility. Energy delivery is fully computer controlled with built-in safety features.
  • There is constant and simultaneous cooling of the skin surface for total comfort
  • Virtually no downtime so patients can quickly resume their normal activities
  • It is safe and effective for all skin types
  • Quick treatments: typically 60-90 minutes depending on area treated
  • Short treatment protocol: Single treatment is effective. However, cosmetic surgeons at

VITAL CLINIC may decide to give more treatments at a month’s interval, entirely at their own discretion and clinical judgment

Targeted benefits from VITAL Skin-tite

IRF gives a targeted focus on wrinkles and sagging facial and neck areas. Due to development of new collagen, many imperfections of skin show improvements. Face and neck skin becomes better toned, jaw lines get more defined, sleepy look of eyes changes into alert persona and premature signs of ageing show marked reversal. Face and neck start looking younger and more alert. Best of all, there is no surgery and no downtime!

VITAL Skin-tite Combined with skin treatment (visit www.melblok.com ) gives excellent results on face.