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(Arms Liposuction)

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Awake Liposuction of Arms is a cosmetic surgery procedure almost exclusively for women. The cosmetic goal is to give more shapely arms so that women feel good and confident wearing sleeveless or short sleeve dresses. In typical situations where arms are exposed and draw attention like walking, sitting on a table reading, eating or drinking, talking on a phone, attractive arms make a woman look beautiful.

What are the Types of Arm Liposuction?

Types of arm liposuction surgery is inclusive of:

  • Suction–assisted liposuction, this procedure is carried out utilizing the traditional method of suction or a syringe. In this Tumescent Awake Liposuction technique is the best.
  • Power-assisted liposuction, the procedure is carried out utilizing an external power source which helps drive the cannula.
  • Vibro-assisted liposuction, the procedure that involves complex movements of the tip and is brought about by air pressure.
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, this is a procedure that uses ultrasound energy
  • Vaser-assisted liposuction, this procedure utilizes ultrasound energy, and uses the solid probes.
  • Laser-assisted liposuction is carried out utilizing laser.

What are the Preparations Needed before the Arm Liposuction Procedure?

Arm Liposuction surgery for the arm should be offered to the patient only after no other way is left to lose that fat. It must not be treated as a substitute for exercise or diet control. The patient must be evaluated with the help of his history, overall physical examination and several tests must be carried out to make sure the surgery is the ideal choice for patient.

How is the Arm Liposuction Procedure Done?

The arm liposuction surgery is carried out under the administration of local anesthesia. It can sometimes be the case that general anesthesia is administered. An IV line to place and administer the fluids, is usually not required in tumescent technique. Surgeon will mark the areas on arms for liposuction.

Local anesthesia is administered by the tumescent technique.

This is the technique that are used to help infiltrate the anesthetic solution which contains lidocaine, adrenaline, sodium bicarbonate and normal saline. The content which is Lidocaine is the anesthetic adrenaline that helps control the blood loss to a great extent, and the sodium bicarbonate is the content that helps to neutralize the acidity and therefore the reduction in pain is felt which otherwise might affect due to the infiltration. These techniques majorly reduce the blood loss during the arm liposuction surgery.

Awake liposuction in Delhi carried out by Vital Clinic is usually a very safe procedure. It gives positive and highly effective results.

Who needs Awake Liposuction of Arms?

Not every woman is an ideal candidate. Women who have excessively heavy masculine looking arms with heavy fat bulges are for Awake Liposuction. In some women folds of fat may hang down on arms and give the appearance of a ‘bat-wing’. Such women will benefit immensely from Awake Liposuction.

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What are the objectives of tumescent Awake Liposuction for re-shaping arms?

The objectives of Awake Liposuction of arms are three fold:

Firstly, the arms should look slim while kept on the side of the hips.

Secondly, there should be no hanging unattractive skin folds when the arms are lifted horizontally sideways.

Thirdly, whole arm should look aesthetically pleasing. The arm (above elbow) and forearm should look well contoured and proportionate. The aim is not to make the arms excessively ‘thin’ rather, to make them look shapely, beautiful and proportionate.

How much area of the arms is covered by Awake Liposuction?

Approximately seventy percent of the circumference of arms is covered by Awake Liposuction. Only the inner soft part of the upper arm is not reduced by Awake Liposuction because usually the skin is very thin and not much excess fat is present in this area and secondly important nerves and blood vessels of arm run in the groove between biceps and triceps muscles. Occasionally very superficial Awake Liposuction may be done on inner side as well when arms are very heavy. Longitudinally the arm area covered is between the elbow bone and the bony prominence above the deltoid muscle. Awake Liposuction on the forearms is usually not done.

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Can the person be fully awake and conversing during arms Awake Liposuction?

Tumescent technique of Awake Liposuction allows the surgery to be performed while the person is fully awake, conversing and totally pain free during the entire procedure. Tumescent Awake Liposuction is the most sought-after technique in the world because it gives exceptional patient safety. Ever since it was invented tumescent technique has eliminated virtually all the side effects and complications which are potentially associated with Awake Liposuction under general anesthesia. A woman can come in the morning after breakfast at home (Not fasting!), get the Awake Liposuction done and go home immediately after completion of the procedure! Hardly any follow up is required.