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(Back Liposuction)

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Awake Liposuction of Back is a cosmetic surgery procedure almost exclusively for women. The cosmetic goal is to give shapelier back so that women feel good and confident wearing dresses. In typical situations, the pressure from blouse bands causes back rolls to become very visible and ugly looking. A beautiful smooth well shaped back is a statement of beauty. Liposuction of back is done for shaping these back bulges. These are large areas and technically difficult for liposuction.

Who needs Awake Liposuction of Back?

Not every woman is an ideal candidate. Women who have excessively heavy looking back with heavy fat bulges are for Awake Liposuction. Such women will benefit immensely from Awake Liposuction.

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What are the objectives of tumescent Awake Liposuction for re-shaping back?

The objectives of Awake Liposuction of Back are twofold

Firstly the Back should look slim and curvaceous going down from the neck.

Secondly there should be no hanging unattractive skin folds when the Back is exposed

Can the person be fully awake and conversing during Back Awake Liposuction?

Tumescent technique of Awake Liposuction allows the surgery to be performed while the person is fully awake, conversing and totally pain free during the entire procedure. Tumescent Awake Liposuction is the most sought-after technique in the world because it gives exceptional patient safety. Ever since it was invented tumescent technique has eliminated virtually all the side effects and complications which are potentially associated with Awake Liposuction under general anesthesia. A woman can come in the morning after breakfast at home (Not fasting!), get the Awake Liposuction done and go home immediately after completion of the procedure!

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Which is the best technique of Awake Liposuction for Back?

Tumescent Awake Liposuction, totally under local anesthesia is the best and safest way of doing Awake Liposuction for Back or for that matter, any area of the body.