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Male Breast Reduction Surgery(Gynecomastia)

(Surgery Technique of Gynecomastia / Gyno / Man-boobs / Male Breasts Reduction)

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We do Gynecomastia Surgery totally under local anesthesia, by the Tumescent Awake Technique. Throughout the surgery patients may be awake or may go to sleep. They are fully conversant. Patients come for surgery after some breakfast at home. There is no need to be fasting unlike under general anesthesia, where the patient must be fasting from night before. Immediately after the surgery is over, we give some light refreshments to patient and after that they may go home with post-op advice.

Three main issues

There are three main tissues we need to deal with while considering a surgery for male breasts:

Skin & Nipple-areola complex

Fat or Adipose tissue

Mammary Glands

Skin & Nipple-areola Complex:

In our experience, the skin in small and moderate sized male breasts and often in large male breasts shrinks back almost completely. In such cases skin does not sag once the healing is complete. Besides, some degree of skin shrinkage continues even up to a year after surgery. We will be able to tell you after examination how much likely skin shrinkage you should expect post-surgery. We feel removing excess skin at the time of primary male breasts surgery is ill advised. In our practice we let the skin shrink to full extent naturally and deal with residual skin after six months or a year. It is our experience that only in very rare instances residual skin removal surgery is required. Whenever needed, additional surgery can be done to remove excess skin and lift the sagging breast tissue. In some boys, the areola (dark circle around the nipple) is very large and looks abnormal. Such an areola can be reduced to bring it to normal size.

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Fat or Adipose Tissue Removal

Fat is removed by liposuction. We usually give two minute cuts on the side of chest and perform a thorough liposuction. These cuts are very small and no stitches are needed to close them. Following videos will demonstrate to you how we perform liposuction on male breasts. When liposuction is complete only mammary glands remain.

Mammary Glands Removal

Following videos will show our approach towards removal of mammary glands. The incision is always confined to within the boundary of the areola, whatever be the size of the breasts. This approach gives the best cosmetic results.

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Another Example to Demonstrate Technique: Liposuction & Complete Glands Removal

Immediately after surgery, our patients are fully alert and are able to walk out of the operation theatre back to their room where they are given light refreshments. After resting for a while all our patients go home. The analgesic effect of tumescent local anaesthesia remains for several hours even after the surgery is over.

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About Male Breast Reduction Surgery(Gynecomastia)

Incidence of Gyno / Gynecomastia is very high. Almost 25-30% of boys suffer from this condition. It can be a very psychologically disturbing condition as boys are supposed to have flat, muscular chest. Breasts are not at all appropriate on boys’ chest.

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Sometimes male patients feel they have puffy nipples. Surgery removes the puffy nipples with minimal possible scar. The surgery is outpatient and avoids the large open incisions and scars including free nipple grafting scars that are typical of the traditional techniques. Most patients notice significant flattening of the chest as well as a shrinkage of the often dilated size of the areola. Special compression vests are utilized post-op for good healing. Patients need only a day off of work and can resume full working out and exercise in six weeks. Results are immediate but, improvement continues for about three months.