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Male Breast Reduction Surgery(Gynecomastia)

(What Parents Should Know About Gynecomastia)

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Gynecomastia or ‘Male Breast’ is the presence of immature mammary glands in male chest area (in women such mature glands produce milk for breast feeding of baby after pregnancy). During the development of male breasts in boys, some resistant fat also gets deposited between and around the glands, giving the appearance of a female like breast. Male Breast results from an imbalance between androgen (male hormone) and estrogen (female hormone) activity. The hormonal imbalance that results in the deposition of glands in the chest areas is usually temporary and commonly occurs in boys at the time of puberty (12 – 14yrs). Once glands are laid down in the chest area, they do not regress. The cause of Male Breasts formation is hormonal in origin and not obesity (becoming fat). That is why it cannot be treated by diet control or exercise. Obesity will only increase the breast size due to increased fat deposition between and around the glands. Also, there are no medicines that can be given to treat this condition. Surgery is the only option.


Gynecomastia or Male breasts can cause severe mental tension in boys leading to:

Withdrawal from friends groups

Reluctance to expose themselves at swimming pools

Loss of interest in family group activities etc

Loss of focus on studies

Introvert personality development to the extent that some boys may go into depression as well

Rarely it may lead to suicidal tendencies

Change in posture and walk: boys start walking with drooping shoulders in an attempt to hide the chest bulge

Quite often they start wearing tight inner wears to hide the chest bulge

They stop participating in outdoor sports activities like walks, running, tennis

Lack of confidence is very obvious in their walk

They tend to sleep more on their belly

Boys are very secretive about their male breast problem. Almost always they will not share the knowledge of their problem with their parents. They must know that the basic cause of male breasts is not obesity.

Only the fat component of breast is increased when boys suffering from male breasts put on weight. Any amount of exercise for any number of years and even very strict diet control will not ‘cure’ this problem. It may reduce the size to some extent by reducing the fat from breast but, they should understand that the problem is not from fat but, from the presence of mammary glands in the breasts. Parents’ insistence on exercise and diet control, although good for a healthy lifestyle, will not solve the problem. Rather, it may aggravate the already excessive mental stress because exercise does not help. A surgery/operation is the only solution for Gynecomastia.

Liposuction alone for fat removal from breasts, will almost always fail to give a flat chest. A direct surgical removal of mammary glands is essential for best results. Liposuction alone works well only in some exceptional cases of ‘pseudo-Gynecomastia’ which presents in some obese males. If necessary, even school going young boys in the age group of 12-14 years should be operated upon if they are showing personality problems as mentioned above

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About Male Breast Reduction Surgery(Gynecomastia)

Incidence of Gyno / Gynecomastia is very high. Almost 25-30% of boys suffer from this condition. It can be a very psychologically disturbing condition as boys are supposed to have flat, muscular chest. Breasts are not at all appropriate on boys’ chest.

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Sometimes male patients feel they have puffy nipples. Surgery removes the puffy nipples with minimal possible scar. The surgery is outpatient and avoids the large open incisions and scars including free nipple grafting scars that are typical of the traditional techniques. Most patients notice significant flattening of the chest as well as a shrinkage of the often dilated size of the areola. Special compression vests are utilized post-op for good healing. Patients need only a day off of work and can resume full working out and exercise in six weeks. Results are immediate but, improvement continues for about three months.